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Small gaps between primes


It is believed that there should be infinitely many pairs of primes which differ by 2; this is the famous twin prime conjecture. More generally, it is believed that for every positive integer m there should be infinitely many sets of m primes with each set contained in an interval of size roughly m log m. Although proving these conjectures seems to be beyond our current techniques, recent progress has enabled us to obtain some partial results. We will introduce a refinement of the “GPY sieve method” for studying these problems. This refinement will allow us to show (amongst other things) that liminfn (pn+m – pn) < ∞ for any integer m, and so there are infinitely many bounded length intervals containing m primes. We will also discuss some extensions of this result.


The Catalan Mathematical Society invites participants to this first congress of a biannual series focusing on current research topics across several areas of Mathematics.

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