This session is dedicated to review recent advances in mathematical modelling in two related biological areas: developmental biology and tumour growth. Whereas developmental biology has a long history of relying on mathematical ideas going back to the seminal work of Turing on pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems, mathematical modelling of tumour growth is a relative newcomer. However, recent work claiming that application from ecology and evolutionary biology concepts should greatly improve our understanding of cancer has sparked renewed interest in mathematical modelling of cancer.




Friday 11:00 – 11:40, Sala Pere Coromines

Esther Ibáñez-Marcelo (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica)
    Evolutionary escape and surviving in populations with genotype-phenotype

Friday 11:40 – 12:20, Sala Pere Coromines

Daniel Sánchez-Taltavull (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica)
    Stochastic dynamics of HIV-1 infection   ►  ABSTRACT

Friday 12:20 – 13:00, Sala Pere Coromines

Pau Formosa-Jordan (University of Cambridge)
    Unraveling salt-and-pepper patterning in the developing chick inner ear   ►  ABSTRACT


Saturday 16:30 – 17:10, Sala Pere Coromines

Óscar Sánchez (Universidad de Granada)
    Modelling through nonlinear flux limited spreading   ►  ABSTRACT

Saturday 17:10 – 17:50, Sala Pere Coromines

Rubén Pérez Carrasco (University College London)
    Modelling of neural tube patterning   ►  ABSTRACT

Saturday 17:50 – 18:30, Sala Pere Coromines

Marta Ibañes (Universitat de Barcelona)
    Auxin hormonal transport in plants: Balance between entry and exit   ►  ABSTRACT

Saturday 18:30 – 19:10, Sala Pere Coromines

Aurora Hernández-Machado (Universitat de Barcelona)
    Tumor angiogenesis and vascular patterning: A mathematical model   ►  ABSTRACT



Tomás Alarcón (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica)

Juan Soler (Universidad de Granada)


The Catalan Mathematical Society invites participants to this first congress of a biannual series focusing on current research topics across several areas of Mathematics.

Plenary talks and thematic sessions have been selected by the Scientific Committee of the SCM. Special thanks are due to the organisers of the thematic sessions and to the local mathematical community as a whole for their support to this congress.


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